Well my friends, I’m not super convinced anyone is reading this at any point because I don’t post much in the blog section of the site… but sometimes it’s the only place to feature such content as this.  You see, my lovely friend Gideon happens to be a musician and performer of the most extraordinary […]

# (Hashtag)

2013.  Comedic short, described as “pleasantly depressing,” this is a brief take on smartphone and technology culture. Featuring: Ewen Wright & Laurel Butler, with Nate Sloan, Victoria Van Way, Bill Bowles Special Thanks to Bill Bowles, Laurel Butler, and Brian Birchett for their crew work.

Martin and Seku – Official Video

This music video was about a year in the making.  Created for the Oakland-based hip hop team Golden Age (Local Emcee “Do D.A.T.” and DJ “Malicous Lee”), and shot in a single weekend, the video weaves an intense narrative of karma.  This one came to be thanks to a group of micro-financers and supporters (listed below). […]