Cool Cat Productions strives to create works of art that are collaborative in nature, accessible, independent, poignant, comedic, and not completely conventional in form.

Cool Cat Productions is an independent production company, and is the project of Ewen Wright.  Dually focused on original film/video production work and performance, Ewen started using the Cool Cat Productions name as a child when he was first playing with video cameras.  Since graduating from Hampshire College in 2008 he has used Cool Cat Productions to create original short films, music videos, and work as a writer, director, and producer.

Ewen grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and studied film/video production and performance at Hampshire College.  After graduating in 2008, he moved back to Albuquerque and shortly thereafter began working as a film instructor for the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School.  While in New Mexico, Ewen also produced several award winning short films, and was the recipient of a New Mexico New Visions Award in 2009.  Through this contract award, he was able to write, direct, and act in his short film Validation.  Ewen also served as the Improv Director for The Box Performance Space and Improv Theater, and took part in a number of collaboratively devised shows, improv troupes, and community/street theater performances throughout Albuquerque.

In 2010, Ewen and his wife and collaborative partner, Laurel Butler, moved to the Bay Area.  Ewen took a position with the Bay Area Video Coalition as a member of the NextGen Department, serving Bay Area youth as an instructor of video production, a producer of advanced youth video content, and a facilitator of media literacy workshops.  Although he has moved on from BAVC, he continues to research and teach media literacy to youth programs throughout the Bay Area whenever possible.

At present Ewen is the Media Coordinator for the UC Berkeley Film & Media Department.

You can find all of the latest from Cool Cat Productions, including new videos, podcasts, upcoming performance dates, and more right here on coolcatproductions.com

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