“Earth Apple” – Official Video


I’m not sure why I have the fortune of knowing the musicians that I do – but I’m not complaining about it.  One of the most prolific and talented among them is Matt Lorenz.  He’s kind of a holy man.  I first laid eyes and ears upon him when he was performing with his group Rusty Belle.  Five years later we commissioned Rusy Belle to play at our wedding.  It’s like that.

A few years back Matt started his solo project, The Suitcase Junket.  You probably wouldn’t know it’s a solo project, because really, it’s a one-man-band.  He plays a dirty-mean slide guitar, sings, drums, drums some more with his other foot, incorporates all kinds of unique musical junk (get it) and to top it all off he can do this voice-resonance-chamber thing with his mouth/lips that is like hearing magic.

Anyhow, I was sitting listening to his music one day and came up with a couple of music video ideas from his last album – but we were on opposite ends of the country and he was already cooking up his next release, “Make Time.”  When he got the masters for this album he sent them my way, and I was so inspired I literally wrote pitches for every track.

The most achievable of these given that we are rarely in the same place at the same time was Earth Apple.  Matty asked me to think about ways to incorporate the opening track as well, since he always plays them together.  The Earth Apple concept revolved around a post-apocolyptic desert, and so the counter balance with the water was intriguing.  The only problem was that we had one day in Massachusetts in July to film.  Not exactly desert-central.

I scouted around and found this secluded little lot – and it was only a few miles from Walden pond.  My whole concept revolved around a maniacally-poisoned version of the Junket character desperately trying to move forward… all of about 50 feet.  As I think you’ll understand, Matt’s face and the Junket character just seemed perfect for this – and the song structure lends itself to these violent bouts.  Matt added the idea of constantly removing suit jackets throughout, and suddenly we had a pretty fun idea.

The execution was brutal.  I tend to make these videos in rough environments – it was again the heat of summer and the heat of the day – and Matt was wearing every suit he owned.  I was pushing him to writhe and dance and jump and jerk in every way possible.  He was easily running a core temperature over 100.  He was a real sport, a true professional.  He never once complained, ever.

Then he and I jumped into Walden Pond and nearly froze.

I hope you find it all worth it.

Extra shout outs to frequent collaborators Raky Sastri who ran the camera for a big part of the day, Josh Arnoudse, and Laurel Butler who both provided additional production work (and Laurel for being the water nymph).

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