“Few People” — Official Video

This video is a continuous, single-shot – an extreme effort to pull off that was made possible thanks to a whole bunch of people.  This all started when my dear friend, Gideon Irving, finally got to do his incredible home show in Oakland where I was living.  I knew Gideon’s work was great, but the show was such an amazing burst of energy and personality and talent all wrapped up and then re-exploded over the course of an evening… it was totally inspiring.

Gideon floated the idea that he wanted to do some sort of a music video project with me and gave me cart blanch to develop a concept with the expectation that he be completely challenged by it.  I’ve always been a fan of a successful long-take cinematic shot and I figured this was a perfect opportunity to challenge myself as well.  I developed what I thought was a totally outlandish concept and pitched it to Gid.  He kind of sat there for a second and then casually said, “Great.  Yes.  When do we do it?”

From there we launched a kickstarter campaign and received an incredible level of support.  That’s when we knew we could actually start planning this thing.

To know more about the process and the incredible cast and crew that pulled it off, check out the forthcoming behind the scenes post.  In the meantime – we certainly hope you enjoy the finished product for Gideon’s love-song, “Few People.”



Song Written and Performed by Gideon Irving, featuring Raky Sastri

Video Written and Directed by: Ewen Wright
Camera: Raky Sastri
Choreography: Laurel Butler
Assistant Directors: Laurel Butler and Bill Bowles
Costumes: Mei-ling Humphry
Additional Costume Design: Sophie Wood
1st Assistant Camera: Zach Ianazzi
Lighting and Grip provided by: Jason Jakaitis and The Bay Area Video Coalition

Dancer and Performers:
Genevieve Absey
Laurel Butler
Anna Greenberg
Caity Johnson

Maciek Dolata
Matt Friday
Mac Petty
Nate Sloan
Maria Walsh

Additional Crew: David Butler, Michael Cusenza, Jay Eppler, Reuben Telushkin, Victoria Van Way
Behind the Scenes Footage: Bill Bowles, Chani Bockwinkel, Dean Colpack, Nate Noodle

Sets: Ewen Wright and Reuben Telushkin

Special Thanks to:
The Foundry Theater
The Bay Area Video Coalition – Jason Jakaitis and the Independent Media Team
Joe at Misdirections
Lizzie Presser

Charlie Hallowell and Pizzaiolo
Jim and Deb – Emily, David, Shelly and Tim
Deb and Jim
Whitney Graham
Sue Kruse
Marina Van Way
Josh Arnoudse
and Julia Metzger-Traber

Copyright 2014 – Cool Cat Productions

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