Well my friends, I’m not super convinced anyone is reading this at any point because I don’t post much in the blog section of the site… but sometimes it’s the only place to feature such content as this.  You see, my lovely friend Gideon happens to be a musician and performer of the most extraordinary caliber (.45, to be exact), and when he approached me once upon a time and proposed that we work together on a music video someday, I knew we must make it be.

So, when he moved into a little cottage but a few blocks from my house in Oakland for a self-designed Northern California residency, we started figuring out how it could be.  Gideon has recoded one fantastic album, and he’s never made a music video.  Being as this is a crying shame, and also being that he will be taking a temporary hiatus from his world famous tour performing in homes across the …world, he thought the time was ripe to make a something visual to keep his fan base engaged and satiated until he hits the road again.  He left me with the task of dreaming up a video.

Gideon is a highly theatrical dude, so the video I dreamt up is extremely ambitious and sort of acts as an only-possible-through-cinema interpretation of everything I love about Gideon and his home shows and also includes many tasty little ideas from the deep annals of my imagination.  Extremely ambitious.  Like, extremely.

The only way we could figure to pull it off was with the support of our tremendous communities, which have now come together into one large tremendous community as should happen with any good marriage.  And thank goodness, our other dearly beloved was gathered there that day to capture the moment when we found out we made our Kickstarter goal.  Stay tuned for project updates and soon enough a glorious finished product, but in the meantime, just get a feel for how excited we are about the whole thing:

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