Martin and Seku Video Premiere: Coming Soon!

Nearly a year ago I started talking with my good friend and co-worker, Davin Thompson, about what upcoming project he might have that we could collaborate on. It’s weird to call him Davin, because I always refer to him casually as Dat. His stage name is Do D.A.T., and he’s a phenomenal hip hop artist and educator here in the Bay Area.

Do D.A.T. and Malicious Lee (AKA “Golden Age”), in preparation for their cameo in the video.

Dat told me that he had an upcoming project, a collaboration with DJ Malicious Lee, that was going to be a throwback to the down and dirty days of his childhood.  The project was called Golden Age.  He had a track in mind already – one which he thought would be suited for a music video because it was already so narrative.  He was right, when I listened to the track it was almost like someone was reading (or rapping, as it were) a script to me.

Dat looks in on a shot.

We put together a modest IndieGoGo campaign to raise enough funds to rent some equipment for the treatment I put together, and late last fall we shot the video over two days.  The post-production process has been tedious – the treatment called for a pretty rigorous set of visual effects which take place in the edit.  It’s been a labor of love putting the piece together on weekends and evenings, and this spring we were able to premiere the rough cut via a live performance Dat gave at the Oakland Film Festival.

Executive Producer Paul Valdez and some BAVC students help out on set.

The finishing touches and final color pass are underway, and the video should be up within the month!  We hope you’ll enjoy when it lands.  Extra thanks to Ian Davis Photography for snapping the behind the scenes pics.

Grabbing a shot of Ben Flax as “Joe,” the ruthless neighborhood cop.

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